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A Song of Huaian‖《香溢淮安》游子版

A Song of Huaian‖《香溢淮安》游子版

The song and the video are all about A pivotal city located in East China, the North of Jiangsu Provice, and 4oo km Northwest of Shanghai… A historic city for more than 2000 years dating back to the Qin Dynasty Era and a longer civilised history tracking back to 5000 years ago… A legendary city with a lot of mythologies and stories referring to two rivers, the Huaihe and the Grand Canal of China… A taste city as the cradle of and famous for Chinese Huaiyang Cuisine highly appraised by the locals and tourists… A proud city as the birthplace of notable figures in chinese history and especially those who are short-listed as below: Han Xin – the brilliant military strategist in Chinese history who helped re-unite China and establish the Han Dynasty in 202 BC Wu Cheng’en – the renowned literary figure and the author of the Journey to the West Guan Tianpei – the remarkable patriotic general who had fallen during the Opium War against the invaders Zhou Enlai – the prominent former Prime Minister, who is still well-respected and remembered by his people and A brand new city with the new development profile by its diligent and intelligent people… The city is called Huaian and home…

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